Perfect Winged Eyeliner Tutorial, 2014
featuring Anna Crews

Doubting Thomas, 2014
Inkjet print with eyelets

En Suite, 2014
with Anna Crews
Exhibited at Fort Delta

Untitled for Parallelograms and Finger, both 2013
Installation picture from Ambients at Peninsula Art Space, Brooklyn
Photographed by Cameron Blaylock
"En Suite is an exhibition of collaborative works by Aiden Morse and Anna Crews. Aesthetically recalling a bathroom, the show examines the tensions inherent in domestic commitment. His-and-hers towels, a Better-Homes-and-Gardens-style still life and swollen exfoliating gloves combine to evoke a choreographed domesticity. Through En Suite, the artists question their potential (and terrifying) future as a couple."

Collaboration with Anna Crews
Shown at Fort Delta 20 March to 25 April, 2014

Browser based work for Parallelograms.
Full video available for viewing here.

Residency and exhibition in a temporary space, South Wharf, November 1 - 10, 2013.

The internet has introduced new ways for artists to create, exhibit and distribute their work. For the audience and art communities it provides a new context for the perception of art. Surfers' Paradise will explore the working process of Australian artists engaging with this new paradigm, with particular focus on cultural identity, materiality, aesthetics and the social function of their work.”
- Joe Hamilton, curator.

Residency website here.
ArtInfo article here.

Text on blue paper by Anna Crews.

Two channel HD video, 24 channel audio
Screened at SIGNAL Melbourne, September 26 - November 4, 2013